Management Options for Hip Fractures in the Elderly

Management Options for Hip Fractures in the Elderly


Hip Fractures in the elderly will benefit from surgical intervention.

However, it may be treated conservatively if the risk of surgery outweigh the benefits.

The Surgical options typically depends on the site and type of the hip fracture.

Hip Fractures involving the neck of the femur which are unstable would require a Replacement Surgery

Meanwhile, Hip Fractures involving the trochanteric region of the femur region would require an Internal Fixation.

The purpose of the surgical intervention be it a Replacement Surgery of Fixation Surgery is to restore joint function and stability.

This allows early range of motion of the hip joint and early weight bearing on the affected limb.

Both are important as the goal of surgery is restore function to the pre-fracture state.

However, to achieve this, an early surgery with a regulated and consistent post-operative physiotherapy is of paramount importance.

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