Besides General Orthopaedic Services, we provide Subspecialty Services based on training, experience and clinical interest. The paradigm shift in managing orthopaedic conditions has resulted in sub-specialization to provide a more comprehensive and clinically relevant management to the specifics of the condition of concern. It is holistic yet patient and condition specific to ensure appropriate and timely treatment for a specific condition.

Joint Replacement

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Joint concerns are on the rise especially for weight bearing joints like the hip, knee and ankle in the lower limb. Degenerative arthritis is a common concern in the elderly population meanwhile cartilage and meniscal tear may be an issue in a young active individual.

There are many other pathologies that can affect a joint (example: rheumatoid arthritis and other systemic disorders) and the main concern is deterioration in joint function. Similarly, the Upper Limb Joints can be affected too. These include the shoulder, elbow, wrist and the hand. When significantly affected, it can result in loss of ability to carry out activities of daily living.


Clinical Implications


The goal of managing joint pathologies is to restore joint function with regards to optimizing range of movement and the capacity for the joint to withstand physiological loads and to bear weight. Although most of the joint related degeneration can be managed non-surgically, surgery is often required when the degree of degeneration is severe and it impairs the quality of life and joint function. When detected in the early stages, adhering to preventive measures can help retard the rate of progression.


Treatment Options


The major joints in our body is supported by long bones and it provides structural stability and support for joint mobilisation. The bones also form a surface for the origin and attachment of muscle tendon and ligaments. While there are many metabolic and systemic pathologies that can affect the bone structure and metabolism, osteopenia and osteoporosis remains one of the common concerns that parallel the degenerating joint especially in the elderly population.

There is a rising concern of degenerative joint disease in the aging individual. Once again, it can be managed non-surgically. However, if severe degeneration with significant functional decline is present, often a Joint Replacement Surgery is required. Therefore, there is a need for a holistic overview in managing orthopaedic symptoms related to the bones and joints besides systemic conditions.

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