Ankle Injuries

Have you ever twisted your ankle before?

Pain and Swelling is often a common presentation after an injury to the ankle. It may be associated with bruising and inability to bear weight on the affected foot. Depending on the intensity and severity of the injury, there may be significant internal injury. Ankle ligaments may get sprained / torn or avulsed after twisting injury.

If the injury has a greater impact, it may involve the underlying bone and result in a fracture.
It is important to consult your family doctor or a specialist who may investigate further with a radiological investigation (X-ray or a MRI) to determine the extent of injury. Accordingly, the most ideal management can be executed. In the acute phase, it is of paramount importance not to bear weight and to keep the foot elevated.

Often a brace or splint is used to immobilise the ankle after applying a compression bandage. Ice treatment will certainly help to reduce the swelling. Oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications in addition will reduce the inflammation and symptoms of pain. A fracture may require surgical intervention however ankle sprain may be treated with a trial of conservative management.

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